Hic et Nunc.

“Here and now” is such a fascinating latin phrase: there’s an almost whimsical beauty in constraints and the incessant attempt to break their boundaries.

Well, it just happens that latins didn’t have (among many other things) internet access and their concept of here was slightly different from ours.

Welcome LifeAsItHappens.in, a website allowing you to travel with a blink of an eye* all around the world, to give a glance at what some** of your fellow earth inhabitants are up to right now***

It’s pretty much like holding the world in your hands like if it was a glass ball, and gently twisting it to take a closer look at this or that spot.

Try it for yourself: type the name of the first city that comes to your mind and … enjoy the trip!

* And a few keystrokes

** Mostly those that love to share their acts with services like Instagram - and the ones around them.

*** Now as in “the last few hours” mostly: it really depends on how actively they are sharing their acts.